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10 Ways I’m Totally Rocking Motherhood


When I saw this challenge floating around in the blog world I thought to myself ‘I could think of 10 things I’m rocking’. Now that I’ve been tagged by Rebecca Lyn Miller over at Mommy Takes 5 I’m having a harder time than I thought. Sometimes we really need to stop and think about the things we do right since there tends to be so much chaos going on in our daily lives.

After reading through my list pop over to Mommy Takes 5 and read her list here. It’s always nice to see how other mothers feel they are rocking it too!!

I’m also going to pass the torch on to a few other mom’s so they can share how they are rockin it too!

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  1. I’m honest
    • No matter what is going on in life, I’m always honest with my kids. my 6-year-old probably understands life struggles better than most as we have had some pretty rough times. Every single time it gets rough, I stay straight with him. To me, it seems easier to try and explain what is going on than to lie to him and sugar coat everything. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who feel like I should shelter him more but I really feel that being honest with my kids now will blossom into a trusting relationship in their older years.
  2. I Embrace The Mess
    • I’ve literally slept on a pile of laundry with The Kraken. This one was a hard one for me to get used to though. After having 3 kids though, there really is no way to avoid it. What do I do? Look around at my living room littered with Ninja Turtles and Hot Wheels and smile. I remind myself that one day all of this won’t be here anymore.
  3. I Say Sorry When Needed
    • I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little hot-headed. When I lose my cool I ALWAYS remember to apologize to whoever received the unneeded lashing out at. I feel like this is an important quality. My children have learned to do the same. Every time there is a meltdown I get an apology now and it makes the situation so much better. A genuine apology can help resolve just about any situation in our house.
  4. We’re goofy
    • Goofy is my forte. On a daily basis, my boys and I probably burst into a random fit of goofiness at least 10 times. Having a cranky moment? Make a silly face. Want to get the kids attention? Do a crazy dance in the kitchen. Kids fighting about something? Start singing in a weird voice. Almost every time the boys will stop what they are doing and join me in the crazy antics forgetting about whatever was going wrong.
  5. I Try New Things
    • From food to chore charts to parenting strategies in general. I feel like one of my strongest attributes as a mother is the fact that I am always expanding my knowledge and changing the ways that we do things to fit the things that my family needs. The great part is my husband goes with the flow and the children (for the most part) react well when I change something that isn’t working for us.
  6. I Give Them Freedom
    • While I stop them from doing things that are dangerous, for the most part, I let my kids discover the world and consequences all on their own. To me, everything is a learning experience. Forgot your coat after you were asked to grab it? Guess you’re gonna be cold buddy. Chose not to eat lunch when I gave it to you? Yea bet you are hungry now, aren’t you? Every time something like this happens though I take it as a chance to explain to them why the situation went the way it did. Keeps them (and me) on their toes.
  7. I Say “I Love You” Every Single Day
    • Probably about 100 times a day I remind my children that I love them. Even if they are driving me batshit crazy, I stop and give hugs and kisses and tell them I Love them. Sometimes it’s more for my own good as I just need to remind myself that I really do love them and they don’t mean to make me so crazy. I’m their mama and all they know is I am their safe space.
  8. I Encourage Creativity
    • This is one of my strongest attributes as a mother I think. We are constantly creating and imagining and telling stories. I LOVE when my kid’s play pretend and let their imagination go wild. I also adore every single craft and piece of artwork that they make. To me, these are not only memories that I will cherish, they are learning experiences and growing opportunity for my little ones.
  9. I Talk With My Kids
    • Anytime I see them struggling with something that is causing them to get upset I stop them and talk them through their feelings. This helps them understand why they are upset and encourages them to think of ways to resolve the issue rather than just be mad. I also talk through happy feelings too. Had an awesome weekend with grandma? Cool! What made it so great? Why were you so excited about that? Talking about feelings is super important to me so I’ve passed that onto them in hopes that we can create open communication in our relationships.
  10. I’m  Not Overly Critical of Myself
    • I’m really good at not beating myself up over things that happen. Will I feel bad for yelling at my kids? Of course! I don’t take it to heart though and make myself feel terrible about the little things that go wrong. Motherhood isn’t perfect. In fact is super messy, and super crazy but I LOVE IT ALL.


Being a mommy is hard, but always remember that your babies love you no matter what!! Tell me below how you are rocking motherhood.




14 thoughts on “10 Ways I’m Totally Rocking Motherhood

  1. I love this! Its great to see the positive in things! I need to lighten up and not take things so seriously all the time. My husband is good at that. He’s like just don’t let it bother you, but it does! Lol! For example… mess… I can’t just ignore it!


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  2. I love this challenge! I also love an honest mom that just loves her children and knows that love is what matters.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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