Parenting With Chronic Migraines: 3 Things That Help Me Survive 

Migraines are awful. Chronic migraines are even worse. Head hurting for days, lights killing your will to live, throwing up from pain. Yea it’s a whole freaking world of fun let me tell ya. I’ve suffered from chronic migraines since I was about 15 years old so I’ve built up some pretty good ways to cope with them and still (attempt to) function for the most part. When I became a parent I had to come up with a whole new set of things to help me survive my migraine attacks. I know there are others out there in my position so I decided I’d share a few things that help me on Migraine Days as a parent.


Having a list of quiet activities that my kids can access.

Not even going to lie, the main sources of entertainment when a migraine is trying to kill me are quiet Netflix and My children’s LeapPad and Kindle Fire tablets. I have no shame about that. Homeschooling as I do though, I also have an entire container of our art supplies that works as quiet time activities too. The box has Play D…


16 thoughts on “Parenting With Chronic Migraines: 3 Things That Help Me Survive 

  1. Headaches are no joke, especially with a toddler. I recently was pretty much on bedrest for an ovarian cyst and there is not much you can do but make it work. I made art kits for my son to use as a distraction. Everything works for about 2 minutes. Good luck.


  2. Oh man, bless your heart with these migraines! My co-worker gets them really really badly, so much so that she will not be able to get out of bed and gets incredibly nauseous! She’s also trying to start her own family, so I will be glad to share this post with her! You are amazing!!


  3. I am right with you on Chronic migraines for as long as I can remember! I have 3 boys and I suffer almost daily with headaches, that just in the past year developed seizures with them! Ugh! Keeping my kids quiet is crucial, I too have been known to pull out the kindles and movies, not even worried about how much screen time they’ve had. Thank you for writing your post, I’m sad to hear you are suffering from Chronic migraines and I wish I could take your pain away … but I am glad I am not alone with this battle! I do get the looks like.. you STILL have a headache? It’s been 6 days? It must not be that bad if you can handle all 3 boys on your own all day, HA! You make it work, am I right? Your post just proved that! Thank you!

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  4. I also get migraines. Not often since I’ve become an adult thank god. Because when they do strike, Im basically a blind person (they affect my vision horribly!) I literally just have to sleep them off.


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