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It Takes a Village…No seriously it does.

These days moms are so stuck in their own heads thinking that everyone is judging their choices as a parent. Mommy groups have become places of gossip and judgment by hundreds of others doing the same fucking thing we are. The ”It takes a village” approach has been lost and it is incredibly detrimental to our society.

In the past entire villages and communities would come together and teach the children together. Everyone was able to look out for the children well being and provide lessons and life advice. They were able to share in the joys of raising children together. Now every time a mother mentions the way she brushes her kid’s hair or what they are for breakfast she has a never-ending stream of people telling her she’s doing it wrong and how awful she is. Everyone has gained this ’every mom for herself’ mentality.

This causes a million different issues in my mind. Mom’s are more depressed than ever. We feel isolated and alone. We are always worried that someone will attack us for our choices. Not only that but children are feeling this as well. Our children are learning that its ok to attack people for being different. They see their mother constantly downing other moms when they do something different and they pick up on it and start treating their peers that way.

We need to bring back the community. We need to support and uplift each other. We should be sharing our knowledge openly with each other. I want a kitchen full of moms laughing and having coffee or tea and all of us coaching and teaching our children as a community. We need this in our lives. Human connection is so incredibly important!

I encourage you as a mama to reach out to other moms more. Connect with them. Laugh with them. Cook together. Teach your children that community is a necessary part of life and show them through creating your own supportive amazing community of people who will encourage the same. We need each-other mamas! Let’s get back to empowering our community and see how we flourish. 💚

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