About Us


Welcome to my life. My name is Brittany and I’m Sarcasm. I’m a 28-year-old business running, working, mother of 4 crazy children (A-Man[Age 7], The Demon[age 4], Lexi Lady[age 1] and Lala [age 5 months]). We live in Colorado. To survive motherhood most days I spend time drinking entirely too much coffee, attempting to clean and organize my life and making delicious food that my kids will probably tell me they hate. I’ve had friends tell me how much they love both my parenting style and my sarcastic attitude that usually stems from it. I woke up one day and said to myself: Why not share all of this glorious shit with the world? I’ll be real with you here. My life isn’t perfect and there is no reason to sugar coat it with perfect life blog posts. If you want a place where you can feel like you’re not terrible for things you do as a parent you found it. Welcome home. Grab some coffee, or booze if you so choose and join me on this crazy ass trip known as parenting.


Heyo! I’m Joanna and I’m Coffee. I am a single mama of 3 little terrors. Monkey-boy-5y, Bunny-Girl-2y, and BooBoo-boy-2.5 months. I am loud, opinionated, vocal, loyal, empathetic, protective, feminist, and just all around out there. I’ve always been “that mom”. You know the one that shares her information, even when it’s not asked for. The one that will tell you your child isn’t safe in their car seat. Or that you should research something before blindly following the masses. I’m the chick that doesn’t take, because that’s the way it’s done, as a reason to do something. I challenge the norm. I call it as I see it. And some people don’t like me because of that. But the friends I do have, love me for this, and come to me because they know they will get the full truth from me. I spend my days trying not to lose my mind and counting the hours until bedtime. I love to sew, journal, discover new ways to have a healthier lifestyle, cook, make reusable products to replace disposable ones in the home, and trying to get a shower in occasionally. People have always told me I should write a book, that a lot of people would love to hear what I have to say. So I decided to start here, by blogging.